Sunday, July 12, 2015


Billy Kheel's Ephemeral and Enduring, 2015 in Guestroom

Neha Choksi's Shifting Limbs, 2015

Abe Lagrimas Jr. 

Emily Sudd's One of These Mornings, 2015

Ray and Remora

Kohl King's Beat/Fulmination, 2015

Anna Mayer's We've We're, 2015

David Prince's El Sereno Donuts, 2015

Deborah Aschheim's wireframe, 2015

Michael Ano's Wishing Well 2.0, 2015

Michael Ano Presents: UAG with Trevor Amery
Sound Performance by John Dombroski 

Closing Performance by Nuttaphol Ma
Passages of our Inner Longing, 14 Jun - 28 Jun 2015 


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