Thursday, July 30, 2009


So many Sincere thankS for making laSt Sunday a SenSational Succe$$! "Simply Splendid", SayS Summercamp. Here'S a Sampling of Some ShotS from the Show'S opening. Stay tuned, more photoS Soon to come on the blogoSphere... See ya Soon

Entryway, Works by: Amy Maloof
Photos by: Devon Tsuno

Interactive works on the Picnic Table by: Constantina Zavitsanos

Earthwork performance in the Lower Field by: Ryan Lamb
Photo by: Nicola Lamb

In our garden, Works by: Devon Tsuno
Photo by: Devon Tsuno

Works by: the Smog (with a beautiful Dees in the foreground)
Photo by: Nicola Lamb

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jennifer Juniper Stratford in the House (actually in goat space)

Despite all odds, and I do mean odds- humidity, ants, and the like- JJ has the gloves on and she means business... Also getting ready for Sunday openingness- Fatima put up shades in the dark, kinda like wearing your sunglasses at night //so I can soIcan// And our newest Guestroom space is ready for Malisa Humphrey to install while Ben's pumpkins keep on keepin' on...

That's all the news and notes for now. See you slickers Sunday,

Monday, July 13, 2009

Slick is almost here!

Opening reception Sunday July 26th from 5-8 pm.

Exhibition runs from July 26- August 9th.

Hours by appointment, please contact

Summercamp's Project Project presents Slick, an outdoor group exhibition, to engage, reinforce and deny the definitions of finish fetish, too cool for school and the sly trickster.

Emilie Halpern will be exhibiting a new video recently shot in the woods of New Hampshire during the artist's residency at Macdowell Colony. Also on view is Solar Music Box (2004-2007), a music box that plays whenever the sun shines on it. In the music box the tuned steel comb is from the song The Way We Were, and the revolving cylinder with pins is from Candle in the Wind. The two elements combined create a completely new musical composition. Blurring the lines between fact and fiction, Ryan Lamb attempts to examine reality at the basest levels, from scratch. Relying more on investigation than expression, Lamb uses observation of the ordinary observed by extraordinary means. Providing an experience similar to the creative act itself, rather than offering them the mere residue of that act.

Non-stop Picture Show is a new ongoing series following the evolution of the Hollywood image. These photographs of Jennifer Juniper Stratford chronicle inspiration derived from fandom, escapism through technology, nature, and the strange effects of the media. A collection of her work is featured in Hijacked Volume One, Australia and America a new book which presents the most diverse and provocative new photography from Australia and America, published by Big City Press. Using found objects Amy Maloof communicates ideas of falsiness. Whether inspired by the weather, or an even more interesting topic of conversation, tropical mood pendulums swing between two invisible trees creating imaginary kid n' play betwixt (wo)man and arty facts.

Touch and touching, where things meet in inner and outer space, especially when those spaces collide without meeting. Cheating light tethered to its shadow, wrapping and warping. Those bodies without thickness that make things thick. Constantina Zavitsanos works in time-based sculpture using projection, simple motors, found objects, wood, glass, wax, water, motion sensors, holograms, mirrors, and video to produce un-tricky visual magic of the mechanical, optical, and tactile varieties. Her objects refer to utility and function and become defunct in real time. From expanding the frontiers of the micro and macro, to revealing the depths of the oceans and the infinity of space, Ture Gufstofson's glass opens doors to that which is not readily visible and unveils new perspectives. In Michael 2011, Michael Trefzger draws recognizable but disparate parts together in ways that depict a near future that is neither utopian or the end of the world, but more of the same.

Existing and adjusting, Los Angeles painter, Devon Tsuno, describes a city of sprawl. But it is also a massively layered city that is growing amidst an unsound ecology -- people battling for space via hostile takeovers resulting in violent concussive movements. We Angelenos, like Robert Duvall’s army officer in Apocalypse Now, breath in deeply and say “Someday this war’s gonna end…” to this environment requires, a meditative calm, with a decisive train of thought, which results in an unwavering sense of home.

And as a compliment to Slick, Malisa Humphrey's collages will be featured in the Guestroom. Humphrey’s collages combine appropriated images and personal and historical ephemera with watercolor and pencil drawings to illustrate conspiracy theories and other narratives.