Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Help Kickstart Liza Wade Green's Hill House Mine

photo by Carrie Leonard

HILL HOUSE MINE is a dance/theatre work set in five rooms and the backyard of a midcentury modern home in the hills of Los Angeles, CA. Part haunted house, part live installation, HILL HOUSE MINE takes the audience on a journey through each room of the residence and explores a world where the fantasies of childhood become truth and the realities of loss are buried. The story follows a family coping with two tragic deaths. As the audience travels through the house they meet different family members and piece together a puzzle of death, dance, memory, and time.

Six performers from New York and Los Angeles use movement and text to bring the characters to life as they connect to the house’s architectural details. Hidden passageways, plastic-covered furniture, an expansive sloping yard, and a claw foot tub all add to the eerie backdrop for this interactive experience. Brick and mortar give way to the home’s memories and dreams, while the performers awaken its ghosts and rumors – all giving voice to a family in transition.

HILL HOUSE MINE is specifically for the midcentury modern home that hosts Summercamp’s ProjectProject in the neighborhood of El Sereno, Los Angeles and will be performed on August 19 and 21, 2011.

The site-specific work is written and choreographed by Brooklyn-based theatre artist Liza Wade Green in collaboration with six performers from both coasts.
Here’s where you come in!

By donating through this handy Kickstarter page, you’ll help HILL HOUSE MINE become a reality and receive some great rewards in the process! Your donation will help cover artists’ stipends, rehearsal space rental, travel expenses, and costumes, as well as video, audio, and other technical elements of the show. Please help this bi-coastal collaboration come to life!