Sunday, September 11, 2011

Something to write home about

Dedicated Summercamper, Janice, measures the spot for our soon to be booth at the LA Mart
It's back to school and back to work here at Summercamp. We are excited to be in the planning stages for the Co/Lab Alternative Art Fair in conjunction with Art Platform Los Angeles at the end of the month (more details to follow sooooon), but until then we cannot let a fabulous summer season end without sharing some exciting news...

Liza Wade Green, writer/director and performer of Hill House Mine and Janice Gomez were recently interviewed by Monica Hicks at GYST Radio. Take a listen here.

While you are following links, take a look at the amazing review by Carol Cheh of our last show Friday Night Lights & Sunday Afternoons in the LA Weekly.

symchronaut/ synchronot by Constantina Zavitsanos

Thank you for all of your support this summer. Please keep it coming and let us introduce you to our 2011 Fall Resident Artist, Constantina Zavitsanos. You may remember her holographic paint bucket and stopwatch and compass on headphones from Slick during our first summer. A New York based artist, we are very excited and preparing to have Tina in residence to build a site specific work for Home Sweet Away from Home at the the Co/Lab Alternative Art Fair.

conjuggle visit by Constanina Zavitsanos 

with small fans (apart for the hole) by Constantina Zavitsanos