Saturday, June 9, 2012

From Last Sunday to Telling the Futures.

A very warm thanks to all the participating artists and those who came out to see what futures will bring.  Here are a few images from last Sunday.

Detail of Flag For A Future, Present by Tucker Neel

Hero by Chad Person (Courtesy of Mark Moore Gallery)

Hell Yeah! by Jean Robison

Tools For Remembering by Katie Bachler

Detail from Tools For Remembering by Katie Bachler
Detail from Tools For Remembering by Katie Bachler
Vase of Tulips, Rose, and Other Flowers with Worms (#1) by Michiko Yao 
That's Just How I Express My Love by Michiko Yao

It Must have Been years, Silent Study II, Your Are In My Vision, and Down In The Park by Josh Peters
THE FUTURE IS LASER TAG!!!11one by Ray Hsu

Christine Nguyen in Guestroom

Sea Moon and Friends (many, many friends)

Jamie Bechtold