Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rolling... and Action!

Looking into Secret Space to find Dream kitchens. (photo credit: Christina Pierson) 

Thanks to all of you for coming and making Sunday such a grand event. Jen Smith's Pickling Demonstration started us rolling with the words, "There is no wrong way to make a pickle." Empowering us all to let our freak pickle fly!

Check out images from the opening- including what is going on in Secret Space- on Devon Tsuno's Flickr page.

Again, many thanks for rolling Sisyphus and Newton up the hill, saving it from crashing into Chris's prototype and Carmine's cement blocks on it's way down, crawling into Christy and Yoshie's intimate spaces, getting psychedelic in Goat Space with bear frogs and lizard people, and not dispersing despite our unlawful assembly! Let's keep it going.