Monday, May 18, 2009

Thank you all!

Thank you to everyone who helped make s(t)ay a success! It was great to see everyone forge through the heat and sweat it out together. We all had a blast tromping through the field and picking foxtails out of our shoes. Maybe we'll have some shade next time... maybe.

Goatspace: works by Sean Gall and Matt Kennedy
Photo by: Gary Schultz

Lowerfield: works by Carrie Whitney andChristian Tedeschi (pictured)
Stairs: Gina Kelly & Gary Schultz
Photo by: Gary Schultz

on the wall: Anita Bunn
Photo by Gary Schultz

More pics to come.


Monday, May 11, 2009

movin' on up

Preparing to prepare. Janice and Fatima have been digging steps into the hillside so that it's an easier trek down towards the gallery yard... speaking of which we also have gussied up the old goat pen into a regular old white cube, track lights and all. I miss the hay, but hey it's progress. -Elonda

Monday, May 4, 2009


Summercamp’s Project Project presents s(t)ay: an outdoor exhibition

3119 Chadwick Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90032

May 17th -June 1st 2009
Opening reception: Sunday, May 17th: 4-7PM

Hours by appointment: contact

The exhibition includes 10 artists whose work speaks to themes focusing on belonging to a landscape and/or moving in place. The inaugural event will be on a hillside overlooking El Sereno .

The new work of Ben Shaffer can be defined as: direct, personal, and current engagement. Shaffer has created an everyday ecosystem for Summercamp that models how the complexes surrounding us can be manipulated in order to create a different structure of interaction, sustainability, understanding, and existence. Also in response to the existing space, Anita Bunn’s video and still image continue an exploration of the act of noticing. Engaging with objects we often fail to see in the context of a sprawling urban environment and addresses an ongoing concern with the subtle shifts that occur with the slightest movement or change in perspective.

In Canned Speech by David P. Earle, a tin can attached to a long piece of string disappears into the woods. Sounds come from the other side. Something is overheard, an impossible conversation. Macha Suzuki tells real life stories about his experiences dressed up with elaborate fabrications some would call lies.

In goat space, Matt Kennedy’s half tone Xeroxes of seemingly banal landscape photographs will coexist with the abstracted landscapes and mindscapes of Sean Gall. Gall’s drawings come out of trips to Ireland to visit his mother juxtaposed with hikes in Los Angeles, as well as remembered patterns from Joy Division's "Unknown Pleasure" album cover designed by Peter Saville.

Interlacing the dialogue spoken from RW Fassbinder’s The Bitter Tears of Petra Van Kant, with the silent video footage of sisters, Tsubaki Yasuko and Hayashi Noriko, Julie Spielman investigates the cross-cultural relationships between women, and their susceptible nature to outsider interpretation. Gina Kelly in collaboration with composer, Gary Schultz also brings the other side of the world to the audience in a site specific sound installation using subtle details of evolution and interaction. Anntipode invites the audience into an experience outside of their own.

In the lower field, Christian Tedeschi inverts the stability of ladders, and Carrie Whitney will construct a temporary suspension in an apple tree. Through a process of trial and error, ideas of support and impulse become a physical representation.