Sunday, July 21, 2013

After the BANG!

William Long and Jemima Wyman

Alison DeLapp in Goatspace

Morning sun rising in the east over a campsite in Alaska, disappearing a the shape of ursa major pointing its head north. Sept-2012 by Alison DeLapp

The boat of no return...the Stahlratte, docked at San Blas Islands, Panama, ready to be loaded by those who seek adventure beyond the Darien Gap. Dec-2012 by Alison DeLapp
Thanks to all those who attended Summercamp’s ProjectProject presents: FIREWORKS. A special shout out to those brave individuals who sang their heart out at MUC's Self-Help Yourself: “Karaoke Therapy.”

MUC: Christina Pierson, Yoshie Sakai and Victoria Tao