Sunday, June 7, 2009

Gearing up for a new show...


We are in the midst of planning our July exhibition. Before we move on, we'd like to share a few more photos from s(t)ay.

See you soon!
Janice and Fatima (and on behalf of Elonda)

Installation by: Ben Shaffer, Photo by: Janice Gomez

Sound installation by: David P. Earle, Photo by Anita Bunn

Detail: Carrie Whitney, Background Christian Tedeschi; Photo by: Janice Gomez

Intallation by: Macha Suzuki, Photo by: Janice Gomez

Installation by: Julie Spielman, Photo by: Anita Bunn

Works by Carrie Whitney, Christian Tedeschi, and Anita Bunn; Photo by: Anita Bunn