Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The grass is greener on the other side of this magaizine cover

We were reminiscing about the days of summer when foxtails cut your heel and figs fell into your mouth. Oh, those days! But alas, we forgot to share our lovely pic from the November/December issue of Artillery magazine (killer text on art, you know). We were fortunate to have both Tulsa Kinney and Anne Martens meander the yard and guestroom during the Big Ass show. We struck a few poses for the camera but thankfully Will Long's work and Al Kaelin's creation (the casa) made the cut. Check out the article on page 22 with an image of Jason Manley's work to boot! If you can't find the magazine, let us know-- maybe you can come over and read it.

Looking out the window, the grass is lush, the foxtails are dormant, and the fig tree is bare. Oh, and the picnic table is still at the bottom of the hill. Any volunteers to help drag it up? We have till May(be).

Thanks for the photo Anne Martens!