Wednesday, September 9, 2009

No one left yet (Images from Go Big or Go Home)

Amy Maloof of Falcon Eddy and if you haven't met him yet: Yax
Detail of Kristi Lippire's Hybrid: L.A. Zoo, Druid Street and Lombardy
Pipe line by Will Long
Bounce Back by Lorraine Cleary Dale
Farmington Jaw (radiocarbon date approximately 100 million years ago) unearthed by Joshua Callaghan
Hey, look what Fatima found at the bottom of the hill!
A clipping for dragons with Erin and Guestroom artist, Melissa Manfull.
References, (Oversize) by Jason Manley
photo by Jason Manley
Don’t Put Nothing in It, Unless You Feel It, A sub-exhibition at Summercamp's Project Project with contributions by Nicole Antebi, Amaranth Borsuk, Clay Chaplin, Aaron Drake, and Lewis Keller. Organized by Nicole Antebi.  Thanks for the photo, Nicole!
Big thanks to David and Cathy from Another Year in LA.  
Opening fun times...
In Goatspace: Falcon Eddy-- Their prices are insane!!!!