Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Workshops near and Summercamp Abroad

Kristy leads us in a discussion about making friends.
Randall shares his personal survival history as well as some homemade moonshine.

Fatima's Sunriiiiiise Sunset, Sunriiiiiise Snst at ShangriLA: Burrito Deluxe 

Friday, August 30, 2013

Summercampers are headed to the desert

Fatima was building away since the fireworks on the 4th so Luditte Fallacy could have stairs for everyone to make their way from Nicola Vruwink's sculptures to Randall Foster and Ichiro Irie's shelter. 

This weekend, he and one half of Luddite Fallacy's GoatSpace artists, Tom Norris travel to Joshua Tree to install works in  Shangrila 2013:  Burrito Deluxe 
organized by Steven Bankhead and Jesse Benson. 

August 30-September 1
Artists and schedule include:
Rhiannon Aarons
Amy Radio
Animal Charm
Merwin Belin
Big Girls
MC Sky Burchard
Michelle Chong
Ted Byrnes and Nick Deyoe
Justin Cole
Greg Lenczycki
Alan Nakagawa
AJ Collins
Molly Corey
Mark Desiderio
DJ Debbie Downer
Earth Like Planets
Alex Becerra
Diana-Sofia Estrada
John Hogan
Sarah Peterson
Guan Rong
Women vs. Children
Thor Evensen
DJ Mark X Farina
Quinn Gomez-Heitzeberg & Astri Swendsrud
Hannah Greely
Daniel Handal
David Hendren
Gladys-Katherina Hernando
Nora Jean Petersen
Fay Ray
Chas Higginbottom
Cannon Hudson
Malisa Humphrey
Ricardo Ibarra
Natalie Jones
Bridget Kane
Farrah Karapetian
Becky Koblick
Jamie Isenstein
Sonia Leimer
Faris McReynolds
Jessica Minckley
Joshua Nathanson
Davida Nemeroff
Net Shaker
Bret Nicely
D’Ette Nogle
Tom Norris
One Finger Riot
Shalini Patel
Josh Peters
Renee Petropoulos
Ben Pruskin
Chadwick Rantanen
Mark Roeder
Svetlana Romanova
Asha Schechter
Elana Scherr
Nicolas Shake
Summercamp’s ProjectProject presents:
Inside Job – with Fatima Hoang
The Softest Handshake
DJ Jan Tumlir
Torbjorn Vejvi
Chris Wilder
Taylor Zepeda
Rodd Zinberg

site hosted by Drew Dunlap

Elephant stage:
7:00-8:00 Elephant curated performers
8:00-8:45 Supper
8:45-10:30 Elephant curated performers
10:45-11:15 Net Shaker
11:30-12:00 Elephant curated performers

2:00-2:30 D'Ette Nogle
Freight Container stage:
2:45-3:30 DJ Mark X Farina
3:45-4:15 Justin Cole
4:30-5:00 Amy Radio
5:15-5:45 Alan Nakagawa
Elephant stage:
6:30-7:00 Ted Byrnes and Nick Deyoe
7:15-7:45 The Softest Handshake
8:00-8:30 Bret Nicely
8:45-9:15 Greg Lenczycki
Location TBA:
9:30-9:45 Renee Petropoulos
Elephant stage:
10:15-10:45 Earth Like Planets
11:00-11:30 One Finger Riot
Location TBA:
11:45-12:15 Animal Charm
Elephant stage:
12:30-1:00 DJ Mark X Farina
1:15-2:15 DJ Jan Tumlir
2:30-3:30 DJ Debbie Downer

11:00 Breakfast
1:00 Integratron Sound Bath ($20 each)
Friday evening Supper will provide foods from the imagined hybrid landscapes of Tibet and the Gobi desert.
Hot Dogs served Saturday evening.
Provided food free while it lasts.  Otherwise, BYOF.
Camping free onsite.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Making friends and Moonshine

Join us for two workshops Saturday August 31st 2-3:30PM
Making Friends with Kristy Baltezore
Survival Skills with Randall Foster

Here are a few images from Luddite Fallacy's opening reception!

Kristy Baltezore's no title in SecretSpace
Tom Norris and Justin Michell in GoatSpace

Feltering #9 & #10 by Nicola Vruwink
Introducing the Ford Effigy by Randall Foster and Ichiro Irie

Postcards for Summercamp by John Buetelle
Powerpoint Presentation: Luddites in Contemporary Society (Recorded performance by Laura Krafft)
Kiel Johnson in Guestroom

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

It's true!

Summercamp's ProjectProject 3119 Chadwick Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90032
Luddite Fallacy August 25—September 8th, 2013

Kristy Baltezore
John Burtal
Ichiro Irie & Randall Foster
Laura Krafft
Justin Michell
Tom Norris
Nicola Vruwink
and Kiel Johnson in Guestroom

Opening Reception: Sunday August 25th 5-8PM
Workshops Saturday: Saturday August 31st 2-3:30PM
Making Friends with Kristy Baltezore
Survival Skills with Randall Foster
Bonfire Closing: Sunday September 8th 6-9PM

Summercamp’s ProjectProject presents Luddite Fallacy August 25—September 8th, 2013. An outdoor group exhibition bringing together artists who both destroy the machine and those who work within and understand the necessity of technology. Organized by Fatima Hoang, Elonda Billera Norris & Janice Gomez.

Kristy Baltezore’s potato powered LED chandelier in Summercamp’s ProjectProject’s Secret Space exposes hidden stereotypes and subconsciously held social and cultural beliefs by reframing objects and acts of the domestic within the context of external, political structures. Baltezore’s current body of foodworks employ Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, the food pyramid and capitalist structure as means to discuss alternate economies, anarchy, food politics, hunger, and homelessness. Nicola Vruwink’s Feltering Planters employ familiar handmade materiality in vessels forms that originate from digitally created files using 3-D software. The files are exported as patterns to be hand built or sewn into succulent planters. Vruwink then alters them to mimic shapes and forms encountered in one’s Los Angeles daily life such as electrical and cellphone towers.

Using magazines and catalogues depicting what was once the newest and latest in furniture, architecture and technology Justin Michell also begins with a digital process.  Michell uses a flatbed scanner and photo editing software to make digital prints that look deceptively like modernist collages made the old fashioned way by cutting and gluing. Upon closer inspection, they subtly expand upon the possibilities of these older techniques by changing the scale, duplicating and distorting fragments, removing details, altering the color and otherwise remixing their source materials becoming a faux nostalgia for a future that never came. Tom Norris’s text based watercolors create relevant aphorisms out of phrases heard in conversation and song lyrics instead of antiquated sayings that no longer literally translate, but the meaning comes forward. Through Norris’s practice the commonplace magic all around us links us to olde world apparitions, mystical methods and alchemic means. Norris conjures up notions of nostalgia, romanticism and sentimentality. In another version of text, John Burtle will send postcards to Summercamp throughout the course of the exhibition with drawings of emoticons emojis. Bertle subverts/ convolutes the system by using a digital symbol in a personal analog format. In a comedic power point on a tablet of paper, Laura Krafft’s performance video reveals how to find the Luddites all around us. Asking important questions such as, “What do they look like?” or “What kind of comments might they make at dinner?”.

Ichiro Irie and Randall Foster, in association with Foster’s Institute of Hillbilly Technology, celebrate the symbolic death of the automobile and what it has represented to America and the world in the 20th Century. The Ford Effigy will be constructed entirely out of recycled and repurposed wood, and will serve as a dwelling. This mock vehicle and accompanying action(s) do not represent necessarily, the death of the car, car culture or mass production, but more represents the death of an ideal. Foster will live in the vehicle for a two week period, and conduct a hillbilly survival workshop in the interim.  Also during the course of the exhibition, the vehicle will be charred to take on a blackened hue, becoming a symbolic home, coffin and hearse, all in a single object.  At the closing reception, the entire structure will be torn down with sledge hammers and axes, and burned in a proximate firepit/bonfire, in effigy; a cremation, and a fun celebration in anticipation of what the future has in store.

And as a compliment to Luddite Fallacy, Kiel Johnson will be featured in Guestroom. Johnson’s series of drawings use the everyday to pollinate a larger vocabulary of abstract images. The latest bodies of work have begun as an investigation into common objects that are bold enough to come forward. Any conversation, odd discovery or chance occurrence could become fuel for a drawing. Johnson dissects everyday objects to better appreciate and manipulate their nature: to discover and pictorially reveal the profound in the quirky behavior of familiar objects.

Hours by appointment. Please contact us at summercampprojectproject(at)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

After the BANG!

William Long and Jemima Wyman

Alison DeLapp in Goatspace

Morning sun rising in the east over a campsite in Alaska, disappearing a the shape of ursa major pointing its head north. Sept-2012 by Alison DeLapp

The boat of no return...the Stahlratte, docked at San Blas Islands, Panama, ready to be loaded by those who seek adventure beyond the Darien Gap. Dec-2012 by Alison DeLapp
Thanks to all those who attended Summercamp’s ProjectProject presents: FIREWORKS. A special shout out to those brave individuals who sang their heart out at MUC's Self-Help Yourself: “Karaoke Therapy.”

MUC: Christina Pierson, Yoshie Sakai and Victoria Tao

Monday, June 17, 2013

Going in with a BANG!

Summercamp’s ProjectProject presents: FIREWORKS this July 4th. Please join us for Self-Help Yourself: "Karaoke Therapy" with MUC (Christina Pierson, Victoria Tao and Yoshie Sakai), a laser phantasia by Will Long, photographs of an American journey by Alison DeLapp and a flag to make Betsy Ross weep by Jemima Wyman.


Bring a lawn chair and/or something to grill!
July 4th 6-10PM
3119 Chadwick Dr LA, CA 90032