Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hollywood Stardom! Re-Visions of LA

Come to LACE and draw forts and still lives with us on Hollywood Blvd this Sunday, May 1st from 1-4PM. As a part of their ongoing ASAP (After School Arts Program) Re-Visions of LA drawing workshops, Summercamp's ProjectProject's own Fatima Hoang, Elonda Billera, Janice Gomez & Sean Tan will be on hand to draw and converse with any and all who stop by.

Discos, Camp Tours and New Edition

"...and this is where Goatspace is."
The past few weeks have been busy here at ye olde Summercamp. It's foxtail season again, and you know what that means! Weeds are getting whacked as we ramp up for the summer season.

In preseason news, Occidental College's Contemporary Art/Institutions in LA class led by the multi-talented Aandrea Stang, dropped by for an informational lecture, tour and glass of refreshing iced tea (with an optional Red Vine). 

ah memories... FEJ at CGU
We were also invited by Christy Roberts to lead a discussion at our (FEJ's) alma mater for the SNATCH Disco- a Claremont Graduate University student discussion group on the subject of Political, Public, and Activist Art, and Alternative/Non-Traditional Spaces.  It was fun to visit the old haunt and hear about all of the new goings on. There's a lot of activity going on at CGU and their open studios are May 1st so you can check it out for yourself!

To help with all of this (and more!) pregame activity, we have a new member of the Summercamp's ProjectProject team. We would like to introduce you Sean Tan, our Intern from University Of California Riverside. He introduced himself to us this past January after a lecture we gave to his class Proximity and Access: An Artists' Field Guide to LA Art. We are so excited to have Sean on board, please welcome him and introduce yourself at our next shindig.

Sean and Wolfie