Monday, July 20, 2015

Open Source: residency with Soyoung Shin

Summercamp’s ProjectProject presents Open Source: residency featuring Soyoung Shin.

Open Source is a dialogue series akin to comedians workshopping new material, bands holding residency at a small venue, or a chef testing out a recipe with close friends before putting it in the restaurant menu. It is not presented as a critique, but rather, Open Source is an intimate discussion between artist and audience about ongoing work and ideas.

For Open Source Residency, Soyoung Shin has built a prototype Sky Dish on site in preparation for her upcoming residency at the Montello Foundation in Nevada. Shin will be sharing her prototype, ephemera, ideas, and questions for the audience. The discussion will take place on Saturday August 25th 8-10PM at 3119 Chadwick Drive LA, CA 90032. In addition to the discussion there will be star maps by Mixed Greens (Emma Berliner + Amanda Scharf), stargazing. (bring your binoculars + telescopes!), and summer star forecasts.

Because of the nature of the event we ask you to arrive promptly. 

Artist bio:

Soyoung Shin is a visual artist. Working in video, photo, performance, and installation, she asks the audience to bring awareness to the ways in which first person narrative informs our overall perception. Many of her works are staged and restaged over long durations which allows themes to emerge gradually. Her practice is informed by her identity as a first generation Korean-American woman. She received a BS in Computer Science from the University of Washington.

Her work has been presented at Headlands Center for the Arts, the Korean Cultural Center Los Angeles, On The Boards, the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Center for the Arts, and Velocity Dance Center. This summer she is attending residencies at ACRE and the Montello Foundation. She hosts “Her Variety,” a radio show on KCHUNG.

project description, pragmatic:

Sky Dish is a portable outdoor art installation.

In Sky Dish, a viewer sits within a mirrored structure which measures approx. 10 ft in diameter, and 4 ft tall. The height is such that a seated viewer’s eye level is below the top of the structure, and multiple people can be seated within the structure simultaneously. The entire interior of the installation including the floor is mirrored. The top is left open to the sky. The exterior is comprised of wood and other construction materials.

Sky Dish can be viewed during the daytime or nighttime. During the day, the viewer is enveloped in blue sky. At night, the viewer is enveloped in a pool full of stars and moonlight.

The structure will be built and transported to Montello, NV. This area is one of the few regions in the United States with minimal light pollution. Additionally, Nancy Holt was a regular at the Montello cowboy bar during her trips to Utah in the development of 'Sun Tunnels.'

The installation will be installed in several different outdoor locations, both urban and rural.

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