Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Summercamp's ProjectProject 3119 Chadwick Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90032
summertimeshift June 14th—June 28th, 2015
Michael Ano
Deborah Aschheim
Neha Choksi
Kohl King
Nuttaphol Ma
Anna Mayer
David Prince
Emily Sudd
and Billy Kheel in Guestroom

Opening Reception: Sunday June 14th 5-8PM
Musical Guests: Ray & Remora, Abe Lagrimas Jr.

Fountain Workshops organized by Michael Ano
Sunday, June 21: 2-4 PM Wishing Well
Sunday, June 28: 2-4 PM UAG
Performance by Nuttaphol Ma
Sunday, June 28 at 4 PM

Hours by appointment, please contact summercampprojectproject@gmail.com

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Summercamp's ProjectProject presents summertimeshift. An outdoor group exhibition bringing together artists whose work has a shifting relationship to time, be it through sands of the hourglass, endurance, clashing of past and present, memory, or comedic timing. Organized by Fatima Hoang, Elonda Billera Norris & Janice Gomez.

Building on her history of producing ceramic sculpture through analog firings that function as relational ritual and social gatherings, Anna Mayers contribution to summertimeshift incorporates objects pit fired on-site at Summercamp prior to the exhibition’s opening. At each step Mayer’s sculptural process emphasizes the idea of absorption, moving from private, intuitive object making to outdoor fireside reverie. The final wrought steel and ceramic sculpture diagrams the artist’s consciousness about her fluxuation between states of soaking up and spellbinding. Nuttaphol Ma also invites us to enter into a transformation beginning with a lemongrass’s journey from the inner sounds of a cave dwelling to the sea. Ma’s month long cultivation of store-purchased lemongrass back to life navigates the process of becoming. The exhibition closes with Ma’s performance of transplanting the lemongrass into a hand-crafted plant bed within the Summercamp grounds.

Deborah Aschheim constructs a landscape of continual development, renovation and demolition, except in Aschheim’s city there are no buildings, only the ghosts of transparent scaffolding. A reminder of entropy and potentially mortality within the utopian promises of architecture in our city of perpetual newness. Neha Choksi's work explores loss and absence in various ways. Her work for summertimeshift will use as her starting point a chopped down dead apple tree found on site.

Kohl King’s Beat/ Fulmination, a large bundle of used drumsticks tethered by a thick dark grayed braid made from various embroidery threads and yarns in a striking reference women’s work and standards of beauty. The discarded drumsticks show their wear and tear as old keepers of various time measures. They now hang beating against one another and passersby when they are activated by movement. This work is about age and aging, about hearing one's own inconsistent and eventual fading beat. The durational project of David Prince, entices us into another version of a fading, looping beat. A toy hummer doing donuts in the backyard lot at Summercamp. El Sereno Donuts, will run during the opening and remain as an installation for the course of the show.

Combining discarded ceramic objects in structures that engage with still life, narrative, and abstract painting, Emily Sudd’s sculpture challenges hierarchies of materials and taste and the role of the kitsch object. Interested in the transformative qualities of context and process, she collects and arranges various ceramic items and subjects them all to the same firing conditions, with surprising results. For summertimeshift, Sudd has produced a new piece inspired by Summercamp’s Cézannesque landscape vista. Michael Ano’s fountain as a site of social practice with a series of workshops throughout the run of the exhibition. Two fountains will pour water back and forth between them as we gather around them sharing ideas, engaging in conversations, and creating community.

And as a compliment to summertimeshift, Billy Kheel will be featured in Guestroom. A field of felt Succulents and Signs, inspired by actual Los Angeles strip mall signs, explores the transitory nature of community over time in ever-changing Los Angeles. The succulents are prehistoric and appear to exist outside of time. Together the Signs and Succulents, transposed into felt, explore the complexity of space and time in L.A..

During the reception, we will host two musical guests. Abe Lagrimas, Jr. will be playing solo on his `ukulele. Predominantly known as a drummer, Abe is highly proficient on the vibraphone and the `ukulele and continues to perform throughout the world on all three instruments and in many different musical situations. Ray & Remora will be performing an acoustic set based on their album of covers, 1994. Check out their music video here.

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