Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday Evening Recap of Friday Night Lights & Sunday Afternoons.

Alison Owen's House Rules

Thanks to all who came out this weekend, especially those who came for the whole shebang - Friday night and Sunday afternoon.

Friday started off with Maya Gurantz's Floormap: Seduction, a self guided dance on our temporarily erected dance floor and ended with Liza Wade Green's full blown dance party - part of Hill House Mine - on the very same floor.

As the sun set, we soaked in Endurance Performance Proposition (Fade to Black, Sunset / Denoument) by Maya Gurantz.

Endurance Performance Proposition (Fade to Black, Sunset / Denoument) by Maya Gurantz

 We lounged on beanbag chairs with magazines and tequila shots while watching CamLab's Under the Blanet, a live feed performance from bedroom to Goatspace.

Summercampers watching CamLab's Under the Blanet

Sunday was a different affair. . . we traded the cool evening of Friday Night Lights for the warmth and sunshine of an afternoon on the hillside.  Marcus Durkheim treats us with a careful installation of paintings and repaintings in Goatspace Michael Carter's Appetite for Destruction tempted and repelled people with champagne and a roasted suckling pig. Suzanne Fontaine spent the afternoon interacting with guests using cellphones, string and forces in A New Kind of Fortune Telling while Erin Payne's Memory Lane for Langerstroemia gives the Crape Myrtle tree a chance to see itself for the first time in it's native setting.  Matt Wardell and his rolling melon lead us down the hill with his "longish and flattish site specific installation" entitled Fig to Pataya (Ramp). Greeting us at the bottom of the hill is Aili Schmeltz's Tailings. 

Fig to Pataya (Ramp) by Matt Wardell

Tailings by Aili Schmeltz

Appetite for Destruction by Michael Carter

Erin Payne's Memory Lane for Lagerstroemia

A New Kind of Fortune Telling by Suzanne Fontaine

Is this not four paintings by Marcus Durkheim?

Alison Owen's solo show, House Rules in Guestroom adds and intertwines old and new elements to the house and it's story with repeated patterns and built succulents. And as on Friday night, we closed out the evening with Hill House Mine, a dance/theatre performance written and directed by Liza Wade Green with traveling audience members moving about the house with beer, champagne, cookies...oh, and swedish fish. 

Liza Wade Green's Hill House Mine Finale with Steven Wendt, Liza Wade Green, Janice Gomez, David Gochfeld, Yanghee Lee and Andrew Thacher
 (Photo by Devon Tsuno)

Many thanks and shoutouts to Technical Director of Hill House Mine and usher, Danny Green; Intern and usher, Sean Tan; usher and huge supporter Tom Norris; beat giving & fist pumping inducing DJ Legion; Ryan Taber's gift of a birdhouse and its silent role; our neighbors for their patience and attendance; and to John & Dan Kaelin for coming to see their old home.  

For more pictures from the shows, check out our *new* flickr site here!

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