Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cheers to a New Year from Wintercamp at Summercamp!

After a hectic and amazing Fall Residency at Cypress College your camp counselors were able to get a little hibernation in during the Los Angeles winter. We wanted to salute, bow and curtsy to all of you who have graced us with support in sharing 2010 through visiting, exhibiting, installing, listening, speaking, rolling down hills, eating pizza, cross stitching, bicycling, moderating, air guitaring, taping floors & walls, toasting marshmallows, Google waving, making instruments, jazzing it up, being real, obsessing, breathing true oxy air, opening your arms, organizing while holding hands and everything in between.

Here's a few images from our residency at Cypress College. The students were a blast to work with. Thank you to Devon Tsuno, Ed Giardina,  Dan Stephens and the rest of the art department for inviting us into their space and allowing us to take over for a few months. Special thanks to the exhibition design and portfolio review students. The experience was truly awesome.

Images from the Panel Conversation: non locality and the transference of space, memory and energy can be found on Devon's flickr site.
Photographs below taken by Graham Husted  and Fatima. Thanks, Graham!

Jay Lizo out front of the gallery.

Dan Stephens in the house! 

 Don't Panic: Photo not reversed.

 Rockin' and Rollin' in the Goad Space.

 Falcon Eddy shuttin' it down!

Parting treats of s'mores a la microwave.

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