Thursday, August 26, 2010

1920s Field Day: Obsessed with Parasols to Boot

Hector Oviedo in Guestroom.

Rochelle Botello's Dreamboat floating down the hill.
Watercolor by Aragna Ker
Finding tigers in El Sereno...
The lay of the land.

Images from Paul Pescador's photographic series 3119 Chadwick.
New works by Kris Chatterson. Courtesy of Western Project.
Shifting in and out of focus, Jamison Carter's Specter.
Meriel Stern and friends amongst the nipples.
Matt MacFarland continuing the Lost Artworks series.
On to the next one.
A breath of fresh air courtesy of Laurie Sumiye's OxyTree.

View from the bottom of the hill. Nancy Popp getting ready to roll and unwind.
Audience watch from Meriel Stern's crocheted Womans Work  while Nancy Popp catches air.
Laurie Sumiye's OxyTree provides fresh green oxygen (and some much needed shade) 24/7.
Thank you Dan and Kate for providing transportable shade! A special thanks to Yuki for photographing the day's festivities.    

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